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Extrusion Coating Lines

  and precise coating operations tubular or flat PP/HDPE woven fabric. Both PP & LDPE polymer coating is possible, as is the simultaneous coating both sides of tubular fabric, in a single operation. Coupling of an unwinding station to the standard machine, for additional substrates like BOPP for lamination operations, is also possible.

  • Excellent coating adhesion
  • Uniform coating thickness
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance cost


Technical Specifications

Model 1600    1600 Ex    2500
Screw diameter 50 mm 50 mm 90 mm
- . - PP/LDPE 330 kg/ 250 kg/ 330 kg/
Die- Slot width ** 1800 mm 1800 mm 2700 mm
Die- Working width ** 1600 mm 1600 mm 2500 mm
Working width- Flat fabric 660-1600 mm 660-1600 mm 1500-2500 mm
Working width- Tubular fabric 300-750 mm 300-750 mm 1500-2500 mm
Single Side Preheating of Woven fabric before coating/lamination Included Optional Included (both sides)
Corona for Woven fabric & BOPP film Optional Optional Optional for Fabric
Lamination Substrate ** BOPP/Paper BOPP/Paper Not Available
Tubular Fabric Lamination Available Available Single Side in one Operation
Configuration of Auxiliary Unwinders One/Two/Four One/Two/Four Not Available

* With fabric accumulator. # Coating on one side in a single operation.
** Other options available on request.