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Agro Textile

Agro-textiles consist of a significant segment of technical textiles products. These comprise of fishnets, shed fabrics, mulch mats, crop covers, ground covers etc. When used as ground covers, it helps in equal flow of water inside the soil and can also form a bed for falling fruits/flowers etc. These are ideally used for ground cover in farms, gardens, walkways and rock gardens.

When used as mulch mats, it helps in controlling weeds to grow, and when used as shade fabrics the porous structure forms an overhead screen to keep out direct sunlight from reaching the crops protecting against harsh sunlight, dew and dust.


  • Ground Covers
  • Shade Cloths
  • Hail Nets
  • Greenhouse Covers
  • Vineyard Covers
  • Harvesting Fabrics
  • Transparent Bags
  • Baler Twines
  • Grow Bags