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Lohia’s Duotec series of tape extrusion lines are a result of progressive R&D coupled with years of experience and represents a distinctive innovation for the Raffia Industry.

The process involves a unique double stage stretching in which the tapes undergo a pre-stretch before entering the hot air oven for the final stretch, resulting in better runability and flexibility to improve any one or a mix of factors such as working speed, efficiency, process stability and tape properties.

  • Higher Working Speed
  • Better Process Stability
  • Low Denier Variation
  • Low Maintenance Cost

Technical Specifications

MODEL E105B E120B E135B E150B
Screw diameter (mm) 105 120 135 150
Maximum melt capacity- PP (kg/hr) 450 600 750 900
Working width (mm) 1000/1400 1000/1400 1400/1600 1400/1600/2000
Line speed mechanical (max.) (m/min) 500/600 500/600 500/600 500/600