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It is the world’s first high speed “Back Seam Sack” making machine from woven polypropylene tape fabric in flat form, laminated with reverse BOPP film using integrated tubing and bag making operations.

Lohia Corp Limited & Mamata Machinery have combined their expertise & experience to offer LM 650 which offers economical production & considerable savings of material & manpower.

  • Eco-Friendly & Lighter Bags
  • Material Savings
  • Low Cost Of Production
  • Easy Processing
  • Strong & attractive Packaging
Processing Capability PP/HDPE Laminated Woven Fabric
Input Film Width (Flat Film) 525 -1560 mm
Input Film Roll Diameter 1200 mm/1000 kg
Draw Length 300 -1100 mm#
Side Gusset 40 -75 mm##
Processing Width (Without Gusset) 250 -650 mm
Processing Width (With Gusset) 250 -500 mm
Mechanical Speed (max.) 100**(cys./min.)*
Limiting Line Speed 65 m/min