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  • Ventured in manufacturing Edible Oil from ground nuts & mustard seeds with the best available German machines in the world
  • Lohia family has a trading history going back 200 years of trading in agricultural products which continued until late 1970s.
  • Started manufacturing water pumps for air coolers.
  • Started manufacturing Synthetic Fiber Processing machinery, first time in India
  • Promoted LML for expansion in collaboration with world leaders like ARCT.
  • #ARCT: Atelliers Roannais de Constructions Textiles


  • Lohia Starlinger Limited was incorporated as a joint venture between Lohia family and Starlinger & Co. (Austria) for producing machinery for raffia industry.
  • Lohia Machines Limited (LML) collaborated with Piaggio, Italy for making “Vespa Scooters” in India.
  • World’s first integrated solutions provider from Extrusion to Conversion to Recycling: Windmöller & Hölscher, Germany, a new technical partner introduced in addition to Starlinger & Co. GmbH, Austria for completing the range.
  • ‘Threads India Limited’ was formed in technical collaboration with COUSIN Freres S.A. of France for manufacture of Synthetic Industrial Sewing Thread.
  • Solutions for winding and tubular weaving of PP/HDPE tapes were introduced
  • LS FIL 23 tape winders and 4 shuttle circular loom model HDN 4 with 640 picks/min were launched
  • Tape extrusion line with capacity of 250 kg/hr, 1000 mm film width with max line speed of 250 m/min was launched
  • In-house R&D facility recognized & certified by Government of India
  • ‘Injectoplast’ was established to manufacture auto-components. The products are presently certified with IATF 16949:2016, maintaining quality below 10 ppm.
  • Market was realizing the benefits of the woven fabric & began its use for other applications also like wide width tarpaulins, jumbo bags etc.
  • 8 shuttle circular loom for wider width fabric was introduced
  • 4 shuttle loom customized for production of cement & fertilizer bags (CSN 4 & FSN 4) was launched
  • Higher capacity tape extrusion line of 450 kg/hr output with 1400 mm film width and 350 m/min speed was launched to address the increasing demand of the cement & fertilizer bags in India
  • Higher speed 4 shuttle loom model LSL 4 with 720 ppm weft insertion speed was introduced
  • 6 shuttle loom for wider width fabric was launched (LSL 620)
  • 600 kg/hr capacity extrusion line with 1400 mm film width and speed of 350 m/min was launched
  • 6 shuttle circular loom model LSL 6 with a higher weft insertion speed of 900 ppm with 720 bobbins capacity was launched
  • Increased the line speed of extrusion lines to 425 m/min with inverter winders LTW 200C
  • Launched “lofil” A state-of-the-art technology for producing high quality PP Multifilament Yarn
  • 10 shuttle circular loom for wider width applications (up to 2.5 meter DFL/5 meter SFL) was launched for the first time
  • Tape extrusion line of capacity 900 kg/hr with 2000 mm film width was launched
  • Step precision winder with electronic gearing model LTW 200CE was launched
  • 6 shuttle circular loom for wider width fabric (LSL 610) was launched
  • Bag Conversion line was also introduced
  • Most innovative technology of double stage stretching “duotec” was launched in Raffia Industry for the 1st time in the world after blown film technology migrated to flat film production
  • autoroto winders for automatic changeover of equal length tapes with max. speed of 600 m/min was launched
  • Launched baby lofil customised for making sewing thread (Polypropylene Multifilament Yarn) for woven bag producers
  • Introduction of circular loom with 1,000 ppm weft insertion speed (AXL 6)
  • autoroto winders were incorporated in baby lofil
  • Improved version of 1,000 ppm weft insertion speed loom was introduced as ace 6
  • For the first time in the world a loom with 1,100 ppm weft insertion speed was introduced internationally (nova 6)
  • Addition of 40 kg/hr output machine in lofil series for PP Multifilament Yarn production
  • nova 10 was launched under portfolio of nova series looms
  • Addition of 80 kg/hr output machine in lofil series for PP multifilament yarn production
  • For Ventilated fabric, nova venti was launched
  • We were the first to launch - valve making machine "Valvomatic" for the cement industry
  • Started TTRC, an initiative to support the raffia industry by providing skilled & trained manpower
  • nova 61 loom was launched
  • Lohia Starlinger Limited changed its name to Lohia Corp Limited, consequent to exit of Starlinger & Co. as a shareholder.
  • Extrusion coating with BOPP lamination was introduced
  • nova 8, a 8-shuttle loom was launched for both light & heavy fabrics
  • Heavy duty tape winder for tapes & yarns were launched.
  • nova 12 the biggest loom in the new generation nova series was launched.
  • Launched blokomatic, valve bottomer machine with production capacity of 80 bags/min.
  • bcs-liner is launched to automate & replace the manual process of inserting the line in the woven bag
  • nova 62, a 6-shuttle loom was added to the loom portfolio
  • nova 82 a high speed model for heavy fabrics was introduced in the nova loom ranges
  • Launched autoroto V4 - the new generation, high speed, automatic switch over precision winder.
  • Launched nova 12 (heavy fabric) -  an efficient and cost effective replacement of flat looms in the manufacture of wide-width technical textiles.
  • Introduced LM 650, a fully automatic inline back seam sack making machine
  • Introduced Recycling Machine
  • Launched blokomatic, valve bottomer machine with production capacity of 120 bags/min
  • Acquired 125-year-old company ‘LEESONA Corp’. in North Carolina, America, an expert in winding technology; manufacturing Winders, Re-Winders Take-Ups and Winders for flanged spool and parallel winding.
  • Acquired ‘Light & Strong’ of Israel, a manufacturer of carbon composite parts & components for aircraft and aerospace industries.
  • Introduced twister winder LT 300 for making twisted yarns for synthetic fibers
  • Launched Lohia monotec – monofilament extrusion line for producing monofilament yarns
  • Lohia Packaging Solutions (LPS) was setup as a “live experience center” for prospective customers to learn and interact with the latest technology for Raffia production.
  • Lohia Global Solutions (LGS) was established to offer one-stop solution for all spare parts needs and accessories for machineries operating in Raffia Industry.
  • Lohia Aerospace Systems (LAS) was set-up to manufacture composite parts & components in India with the technology acquired from Israeli ‘Light & Strong’.