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Hydraulic Bale Press

Lohia’s Hydraulic Bale Press provides an ideal solution for systematic packing for cost efficient storage & transportation of finished bags.

The finished bags are pressed in the form of bales in either the standard Euro pallets’ size or other customer defined pallet sizes. The rigid construction of the top and bottom beds, a heavy duty power pack and a hydraulic bale ejection system makes this a reliable and operator friendly machine. If needed the bales can be put on pallets for palletized handling.

Technical Specifications

Press capacity 100 tons
Operating pressure (max.) 210 bar
Cabin dimensions (LxWxH) 950x1115x2250 mm*
Stroke length (max.) 2000 mm
Stroke speed (max.) 2 m/min (adjustable)

** Dimensions are for using standard Euro Pallets and will vary if different base dimensions are requested.