LTW/LFW -250/300 v3
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LTW/LFW -250/300 v3

The step precision take up winding machine is equipped with electronic gearing between traverse cam and the spindle. The electronic gearing helps in eliminating the complications of changing gears for processing variety of tapes for different applications. It allows a dynamic change of gear (winding) ratio depending on bobbin diameter, to optimize the bobbin build up in terms of crossing angle. Better quality of fabric can be produced due to controlled unwinding tension of the warp and weft packages.

  • Enhanced ability for winding difficult tapes/yarns
  • Less wear and tear in traverse unit, thus low maintenance
  • Back pressure can be optimized centrally through pneumatics
LFW 250 FEv3
LTW 300FE v3
LFW 300FE v3
Winding Ratio Setting Electronic Electronic
Tape Width Range 1 end 1.2-6.0 mm*#
2 ends 0.9-2.0 mm*#
1 end 1.2-6.0 mm*#
2 ends 0.9-2.0 mm*#
Denier Range 500-3500# 500-3500#
Length of Traverse 90/82.5 mm** 90/82.5 mm**
Bobbin Core-Inner Diameter 280 mm** 330 mm**
Winding Speed Mechanical (max.) 500 m/min 500 m/min
Max. Bobbin Diameter 280 mm 300 mm