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Recycling Machine

RECLAMAX, a single step recycling technology converting post-industrial recyclable waste materials like woven raffia bags/tapes, jumbo/FIBC bags-fabrics, start-up lumps, slit film tapes, loom waste, coated /laminated bag and fabric, agriculture film product without core, straps to more consistent recycled pellets.

  • Single Touch Start/Stop Control
  • Feed and Process Operation with an Ease
  • Reliability with Higher Productivity
  • Consistent Recycled Pellets
AC Motor Power with Inverter 1.5 kw 1.5 kw
Raffia Grade Polypropylene (PP) Start-up Lumps, Tapes without Core, Loom Waste, Plain/Printed Woven Fabrics, Coated/Laminated (BOPP) Woven Fabrics, Bags. 170-230 kg/hr
  MFR (2300C/2.16kg) (g/10 min) 2.2 - 4
Raffia Grade High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) Start-up Lumps, Tapes, Loom Waste, Plain/Printed Woven Fabrics, Coated/Laminated(BOPP) Woven Fabrics, Bags etc. 160-230 kg/hr
  MFR (1900C/2.16kg) (g/10 min) 0.5
LDPE Start-up Lumps, Films without Core, Strips. 180-250 kg/hr
  MFR (1900C/2.16kg) (g/10min) 0.5
LLDPE Start-up Lumps, Films without Core, Strips. 160 -220 kg/hr
  MFR (1900C/2.16kg) (g/10min) 0.5
Pre-operation Feed Material Condition
  • Origin
  • Surface Treatment
  • Contamination
  • Form
  • Moisture
  • Post Industrial
  • Printed/Non-Printed
  • Slightly Contaminated
  • Loose
  • Dry