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Genuine Parts Supply


Lohia Global Solution is a division of Lohia Corp Limited that offers one-stop solution for all spare parts needs and accessories for machineries operating in Raffia Industry. The key business goal of the division is to focus on aftermarket needs and have sustainable growth through customer centric approach, operational efficiency and enhanced value proposition to customers. LGS has its product distribution through central warehouse at Kanpur and regional warehouses at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Morbi for the domestic requirements. Dubai is being developed as a platform for global distribution of LCL genuine parts and multi-brand parts.

LGS primary business is to provide aftermarket solutions and supply genuine parts for Lohia Corp Machineries and subsequently add multiple revenue streams by venturing into multi-brand parts business, auxiliary equipment and accessories market.

The division look forward to establish its leadership by becoming the one-stop solution for spare parts, accessories and auxiliaries.

OMS (Order Management System)

You are welcome to online parts ordering portal -  Order Management System (OMS). It facilitates PI generation, part number search, order placement and status update of the orders on real time basis.