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Valvomatic 40

valvomatic 40 provides the ideal solution for producing both stitched valve type bags from tubular woven fabric. Appropriate for working with non-laminated fabric, it comes with an option laminated fabric as well. This new line, with servo & PLC control ensures high efficiency with minimal wastage resulting in considerable savings in manpower & materials.

  • Valve dimensional accuracy
  • Increased efficiency at packing stage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance cost

Technical Specifications

Width of unwinding fabric roll 470–520 mm
Cutting length 850–1050 mm
Cutting length accuracy ± 1 mm for unprinted fabric
Top folding width 45 mm (Option- 40 mm)
Bottom folding width 25 mm (Option- 22 mm)
Valve depth 210–240 mm
Valve width 90-120 mm
Production speed 40 bags/min