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Latest innovative technology which enables production of composite multilayer laminar structured slit film tapes by feeding two melt streams from two different extruders to a feed block where they merge into a single laminar structure.

  • Three Layer Structure
  • Cost Effective – Material Recipe
  • Engineered Targeted Performance
  • Colour Customization
  CoEx 1400HS CoEx 1600 HS
Max. Melt Capacity – Primary Extruder 450 kg/hr 450 kg/hr
Max. Melt Capacity – Secondary Extruder 150kg/hr 150kg/hr
Melt Pump on Both Extruders Standard Standard
Die Width 1600mm* 1800mm*
Working Width 1400mm* 1600mm*
Maximum Line Speed 500 m/min 500 m/min